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62nd Annual Pokkecetu Tournament

The 62nd Annual Pokkecetu Golf Tournament kicked off this year on Friday, June 14th at 10:00 am with a scramble at the Dr. Gil Morgan golf course in Wewoka. There were 80 players present that grouped together to form teams. The weather was warm and the course was in excellent playing condition. Russell Bevelhymer, Course Manager, and Assistant Superintendent Roger Henry worked countless hours to prepare the course for tournament play. At the end of the day, scorecards were gathered and the first place team boasting 17 under consisted of Wayne Chambers, Jonathan Pennington, Rhett Butner, Matt Webber, Larry and Angela Church, Danny Moore and Nathan Chesser.

The individual play kicked off at 7:00 am on Saturday, June 15th with eight flights that ranged from Championship flight to G flight. Players were flighted based on their golf handicap. One hundred and eleven players were present to compete for prize money in each flight that included 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place as well as 1st Consolation and 2nd Consolation cash awards. Play was suspended during the morning session for half an hour due to rainfall that helped to cool down the course. A heavier rainfall occurred during afternoon play and the Champianship, A, B and C flights only played the first nine holes.

Pitch shot Jimmy Azlin

Saturday evening attractions included a golf clinic hosted by the courses namesake, Dr. Gil Morgan.  Morgan was sporting some fancy new Puma cleats as well as his Titleist irons, Adams hybrids and his new TaylorMade R1 driver. A large crowd gathered at the driving range to learn from the master golfer who played many years on the Professional Tour and is currently playing on the Champions Tour.  Morgan's clinic focused on how to hit fades, draws, and hooks by changing body positioning in the set up and by opening and closing the club head at impact when striking the ball.  He stressed that it is vital for a golfer to understand mechanics when attempting to move the ball through space.  After the conclusion of the golf clinic, participants and sponsors of the tournament gathered at the Wewoka Country Club to enjoy a meal catered by Bosco Joe's Barbeque from Seminole.

Gil Morgan Rob Richard and John Norman

Sunday's play provided much excitement as players were grouped based on Saturday score results.  At the turn, a strong competiton emerged between Championship Flight players Russel Lowrey, Blaine Butner and Blade Knox.  Lowrey was 3 under at the turn and Knox and Butner were even.  Lowery bogeyed 10, 13 and 15 and birdied 12.  Butner triple bogeyed hole 10 and birdied 13, 14, 15 and 17.  Knox birdied 14, 15 and 17.  Butner had an eagle putt on 15.  He had to settle for a birdie, as did Knox.  They both parred hole 17, missing their eagle putts and both making birdie.  Butner and Knox had long drives on 18.  Both hit the green and had birdie putts and parred the hole.  The Championship flight winner was Blade Knox, who was 5 under par for the 27 holes played in the tournament.  Knox has been playing golf since he was four years old.  He just completed his freshman year at East Central University and he will try to qualify at the end of July for the US Amatuer.  He practices at the Wewoka Golf Course and has always looked up to past Pokkecetu Tournament winners.  Travis Bruce was Knox's first golf coach and would be proud of Knox's accomplishments. Knox was part of the ECU golf team that shot the conference record of 287 in Hot Springs Arkansas at the end of April of this year. 

The Wewoka Golf Association would like to thank Dr. Gil Morgan, the City of Wewoka, the Wewoka Country Club, the staff of the Dr. Gil Morgan Golf Course, the individuals who donated their time, talents and energy and the many sponsors who donated money in helping to make the annual event a huge success.

Tony and Blade Knox Blaine Butner

Flight Winners

Championship Flight

Golfer Place
Blade Knox 1st
Blaine Butner 2nd
Russell Lowrey 3rd
Kevin Keck 4th
Chris Karch 5th
Caleb Conn 1st Con
Steve Lawson, Jr. 2nd Con

A Flight

Golfer Place
John Norman 1st
Neal Wingo 2nd
Kenneth Harald 3rd
Mike Moon 4th
Rob Richard 5th
Murry Key 1st Con
Danny Moore 2nd Con

B Flight

Golfer Place
Jim Scott 1st
Gene Streetman 2nd
Jessie Martin 3rd
Dan Taylor 4th
Tim Mathis 5th
Bob Winton 1st Con
Doug Miller 2nd Con

C Flight

Golfer Place
Kwiana Immohotochey 1st
John Howard 2nd
Bob Seeley 3rd
Tim Anderson 4th
John Trimble 5th
Wayne Chambers 1st Con
Terry Mantooth 2nd Con

D Flight

Golfer Place
Allen Foster 1st
Shane Powell 2nd
Rhett Butner 3rd
Pat Borelli 4th
Chris Anderson 5th
Chris Burgess 1st Con
Mike Norvell 2nd Con

E Flight

Golfer Place
Mike Gamble 1st
Richard Norman 2nd
Keith Kincade 3rd
Mark Hemkin 4th
Ryan Kelly 5th
John Crocker 1st Con
Ocus Murphey 2nd Con

F Flight

Golfer Place
Ron Hargus 1st
Larry Church 2nd
Ryan Sosbee 3rd
Jared Weatherly 4th
Brian Williams 5th
Lewis Hawks 1st Con
Bill Anderson 2nd Con

G Flight

Golfer Place
Chase Powell 1st
Morgan Fitzgerald 2nd
Heath Tucker 3rd
Tom Euper 4th
J.K. Lively 5th
Bob Berry 1st Con
Dwight Immohotochey 2nd Con