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63rd Annual Pokkecetu Tournament

The 63rd Annual Pokkecetu Golf Tournament, held at the Dr. Gil Morgan Municipal Golf Course in Wewoka, was a huge success. One hundred and nine golfers rolled into town for the three day event, from June 6th through the 8th. The tournament began at 10 am on Friday with a scramble with teams divided among 77 players. Bosco Joe's of Seminole provided a dinner Saturday evening at the Wewoka Country Club serving a wonderful B-B-Q meal to golfers, family members and friends.

Golfers came from Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and Colorado to play in the event. Saturday and Sunday was medal play with Championship, A, B, C, D, E, F and G flights based on handicap scores. Saturday morning G flight players check in with tee times beginning at 7 am. G, F, E and D flights teed off with C, B, A and Championship flights teeing off in the afternoon.

Pitch shot young players

Seminole County was blessed that week end with rain, which unfortunately hamerped play on Sunday. The entire morning flight was cancelled due to the downpour. Winner's scores were based on Saturday play. First place for D flight went to Pat Borelli of Norman. The top score in E flight was held by Richard Norman of Cartwright, formerly of Wewoka. Mike Russell of Allen won first in F flight, while Heath Tucker of Wewoka won G flight.

Sunday afternoon brought calmer skies and an eventful conclusion to the three day tournament. Many spectators followed their favorite players and watch with anticipation. Due to the wet conditions, players were restructed to cart path only.

One very memorable moment was when Blaine Butner of Wewoka stood at the number 15 tee box and waited for the group ahead of him to clear off of the green. All of the players in his group had already teed off, and a spectator asked his mother, Tina, why he was waiting to tee off.

Blain Butner Chris Conn

She told the man that her son could drive the green on the par 4 hole and he scoffed at her claim. As golfers and spectators made their way down the fairway, it became clearly evident that Mrs. Butner's claim was correct. Blaine's ball sat ont he green, astonishing many. Blaine went on to win the Championship flight with a score of 70 on Saturday and 70 on Sunday, combining to 140. This is the third time he has won the tournament, with the first occassion in 2006, then in 2010, and now in 2014.

The A flight winner was Bo Babb of Holdenville, with Cletus Colbert of Wewoka winning B flight and Terry Mantooth of Wewoka clinching C flight.

The course was in excennent condition thanks to Russell Bevelhymer, course manager, and Roger Henry, course superintendent. Many thanks go out to all of those who donated their time, energy and resources to help make the tournamment another exciting weekend of golf.

The Wewoka Golf Association proudly puts together this tournament led by Wayne Chambers, and is very appreciative of all the hole sponsors and donations given by surrounding businesses and local citizens and a special thank you to Dr. Gil Morgan for his gifts as well.

Blaine Butner Chris Conn

Flight Winners

Championship Flight

Golfer Place
Blaine Butner 1st
Chris Conn 2nd
Caleb Conn 3rd
Steve Lawson, Jr. 4th
Nate Chadd 5th
Jonathan Pennington 1st Con
Tyler Hargus 2nd Con

A Flight

Golfer Place
Bo Babb 1st
Matt Lozier 2nd
Ray Headley 3rd
Scott Slovacek 4th
John Taylor 5th
Jake Bevelhymer 1st Con
Clint Carpenter 2nd Con

B Flight

Golfer Place
Cletus Colbert 1st
Kwiana Immohotochey 2nd
Steve Felton 3rd
Jessie Martin 4th
Gene Streetman 5th
George Rhodes 1st Con
Heath Mosley 2nd Con

C Flight

Golfer Place
Terry Mantooth 1st
Gregg Smith 2nd
Matt Webber 3rd
Tim Anderson 4th
Clyde James 5th
Ed Colbert 1st Con
Cody Jennings 2nd Con

D Flight

Golfer Place
Pat Borelli 1st
Henry Withee 2nd
John Trimble 3rd
Shane Powell 4th
Chris Anderson 5th
Rhett Butner 1st Con
Don Cook 2nd Con

E Flight

Golfer Place
Richard Norman 1st
Allen McCrary 2nd
Gary Burgess 3rd
Bruce Caffaro 4th
Bryan Cain 5th
Ryan Sosbee 1st Con
John Crocker 2nd Con

F Flight

Golfer Place
Mike Russell 1st
Justin Roulston 2nd
Blaze Loeffelholz 3rd
Chase Powell 4th
Glen Canfield 5th
Phillip Howard 1st Con
Morgan Fitzgerald 2nd Con

G Flight

Golfer Place
Heath Tucker 1st
Tom Euper 2nd
Matt Olsen 3rd
Danny Alford 4th
Chad Young 5th
James Lively 1st Con
Ryan Baker 2nd Con