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64th Annual Pokkecetu Tournament

The 64th Annual Pokkecetu Tournament, held at the Dr. Gil Morgan Municipal Golf Course in Wewoka, was another huge success. One hundred twelve golfers participated in this years annual festivities from the surrounding area and nearby states. The tournament began on Friday, June 12th with scramble play, and on Saturday and Sunday medal play proved eventful. Golfers were categorized into Championship, A, B, C, D, E, F and G flights based on their handicap scores and previous tournament placing. One difference in this years tournament compared to the past was that morning flights played from the front tees while aftrnoon flights played from the back tees.

The weather played a small role in inhibiting tournament play on Saturday evening shortly before Dr. Gil Morgans scheduled 6 pm clinic. Golfers were called off of the course around 5:30 due to lightening but finished only about 30 minutes off schedule. Dr. Morgans clinic was postponed about an hour and a half but was well worth the wait. He shared many wonderful golf tips and demonstrated spectacular ball flight to an impressed crowd.

Pitch shot young players

Flights included the following winners: G Flight 1st place went to Adam Wilson, while Ken Lambert won 2nd, Ted Holt won 3rd and 4th place went to James Alexander. Tyson Roulston won 1st consolation while Danny Alford 2nd consolation. F Flight winners were Kent Hamilton 1st place, Blake Lawhorn 2nd, Al Clements 3rd and Blaze Leoffelholtz 4th. Tom Euper won 1st consolation and Tim Canfield won 2nd consolation. E Flight winners were Chris Burgess 1st, Jeremy Johnson 2nd, Rick Ayres 3rd and Justin Roulston 4th place. Alan Blankenship won 1st consolation while Chase Powell won 2nd consolation. D Flight winners were Gary Burgess 1st, Mark Mosley 2nd, Dewayne Davis 3rd and Alan Foster 4th. Ron Berry won 1st consolation and Don Cook won 2nd consolation. C Flight winners were Allen McCrary 1st, Bob Seeley 2nd, Rocky Robinson 3rd and Ryan Turner 4th. John Trimble won 1st consolation while Eddie Colbert won 2nd consolation. B Flight winners were Brian Hanson 1st, Kwiana Immohotichey 2nd, Steve Felton 3rdand Heath Mosley 4th. Wayne Robertson won 1st consolation while Dean McQuitty won 2nd consolation. A Flight winners were Britt Johnson 1st, Ray Headley 2nd, Lucas Rollins 3rd and Scott Slovacek 4th. Clint Carpenter won 1st consolation and Rob Richards won 2nd consolation.

Blain Butner Chris Conn

The Championship flight was the last group of golfers to play and this years 2015 Pokkecetu went to one of Adas own, Justin Powell, who shot a 68 on Saturday and a 71 on Sunday for a total score of 139. Justin played alongside some stiff completion including Blaine Butner, last years tournament winner, who took 2nd this year with a combined score of 140. Joel Driver won 3rd place with a 140 while Chris Conn, another past Pokkecetu winner scored 145 placing 4th. 1st consolation went to Justin Nard and 2nd consolation went to Steve Lawson from Oklahoma City.

The course was in very good playing condition thanks to Russell Bevelhymer, course manager, and Roger Henry, course superintendant. As always, Linda Hoover supervised the pro shop with help from Ron Sosbee. Many other people spent countless hours in helping to prepare for another fun-filled weekend and special thanks goes out to each one who donated time and energy into our annual event. The Wewoka Golf Association proudly puts together this tournament led by Wayne Chambers, and is very appreciative of all the hole sponsors and donations given by surrounding businesses and local citizens and a special thank you to Dr. Gil Morgan for his gifts as well.

Blaine Butner Chris Conn

Flight Winners

Championship Flight

Golfer Place
Justin Powell 1st
Blaine Butner 2nd
Joel Driver 3rd
Chris Conn 4th
Nate Chadd 5th
Justin Nard 1st Con
Steve Lawson, Jr. 2nd Con

A Flight

Golfer Place
Britt Johnson 1st
Ray Headley 2nd
Lucas Rollins 3rd
Scott Slovacek 4th
Cletus Colbert 5th
Clint Carpenter 1st Con
Rob Richards 2nd Con

B Flight

Golfer Place
Brian Hanson 1st
Kwiana Immohotochey 2nd
Steve Felton 3rd
Heath Mosley 4th
Dan Taylor 5th
Wayne Robertson 1st Con
Dean McQuitty 2nd Con

C Flight

Golfer Place
Allen McCrary 1st
Bob Seeley 2nd
Rocky Robinson 3rd
Ryan Turner 4th
Richard Norman 5th
John Trimble 1st Con
Ed Colbert 2nd Con

D Flight

Golfer Place
Gary Burgess 1st
Mark Mosley 2nd
Dewayne Davis 3rd
Alan Foster 4th
Jeremy Dennis 5th
Ron Berry 1st Con
Don Cook 2nd Con

E Flight

Golfer Place
Chris Burgess 1st
Jeremy Johnson 2nd
Rick Ayres 3rd
Justin Roulston 4th
John Crocker 5th
Alan Blakenship 1st Con
Chase Powell 2nd Con

F Flight

Golfer Place
Kent Hamilton 1st
Blake Lawhorn 2nd
Al Clements 3rd
Blaze Leoffelholtz 4th
Heath Tucker 5th
Tom Euper 1st Con
Tim Canfield 2nd Con

G Flight

Golfer Place
Adam Wilson 1st
Ken Lambert 2nd
Ted Holt 3rd
James Alexander 4th
James Lively 5th
Tyson Roulston 1st Con
Danny Alford 2nd Con