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Golf lessons are available for all enthusiasts regardless of age or skill level. Lessons will be tailored to fit your individual circumstances whether you are having trouble with your back swing or keeping the ball in the fairway. Russell Bevelhymer, our course manager, provides golf lessons to help you play your game to its maximum level. Lessons can be scheduled by calling 405-257-3292. Semi-private (2 students) or small group lessons are available upon request. Call for lesson times.

Lessons include range balls before, during and after your lesson. Instruction is available for chipping, pitching, putting, full swing with irons and woods, green side and bunker shots.

Lesson Rates

Type Rate
Private (1 hour) $45.00
Private (1/2 hour) $25.00
Junior (Ages 5-17 for 1 hour) $25.00
Junior (1/2 hour) $15.00
9 Hole Playing Lesson $65.00
18 Hole Playing Lesson $100.00
3 Lesson Package (Each lesson 1 hour) $120.00

*Winter (November-March) Lessons end at 5 pm due to darkness.

*Summer (April-October) Lessons end at 7:30 pm.